Does vinegar really kill bacteria? The uses of vinegar worth discovering

Does vinegar really kill bacteria? How about salmonella? The uses of vinegar worth discovering

We may use it in salads or as a detoxifying drink. But what about household uses of common vinegar? After all, our grandparents used to swear by it.

The antibacterial characteristics of vinegar are well-known, but we are used to using commercial cleaners with a long list of chemicals among their ingredients. Are they worth it? Can something as cheap as vinegar do the same job?

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning product

6 uses of vinegar

1) Vinegar as a cleaner 

A recent US study shows that vinegar can indeed kill certain bacteria and viruses (including influenza) when used as a surface cleaner. How to use it? Easy. You can clean the surface with soap and water and then use a water and vinegar solution to disinfect it. No fancy products required. Vinegar is also pretty amazing for cleaning glass surfaces.

The study showed, however, that vinegar cannot kill Salmonella, a bacteria found on certain raw foods (eggs, vegetables). This is why it’s so important to disinfect all foods properly before consuming them (salmonella won’t survive temperatures over 60°C although if a product has been recalled due to salmonella risk, you cannot eat it, whether cooked or not.)

2) Outdoor use of vinegar

Vinegar can also be used outside your house. Use it to kill weeds in your garden, improve your soil, and detail your car. There are no more excuses to take care of your garden!

3) Use vinegar as a laundry softener

This is another great use of vinegar in the house. Just add vinegar to the washing machine instead of the fabric softener and you’re good to go! Moreover, this will help reduce and prevent lint and pet hair from clinging to your clothes.

Vinegar can kill certain bacteria

4) Around-the-house uses for vinegar

Surely from now on, you will always have a bottle of vinegar in your house. It will unclog toilets, remove rust, or help remove homemade wallpaper. 

5) Cosmetic uses of vinegar

Keep a bottle of vinegar in your bathroom and you can make an aftershave, use it to clean your hair, soothe your skin, and extend your manicure life. Moreover, you can use vinegar to get rid of steaky feet. Soak your feet in vinegar a few times a week and you will see amazing results.

6) Eliminate insects with vinegar

If you have slugs and snails affecting your plant growth, spray them with some undiluted vinegar. This will make them wither and die. You can use vinegar with some insects such as ants, spiders. They do not like the smell of vinegar so if you spray it around your windows and door you will prevent them from entering your house. In a spray bottle, mix 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and add 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Mix it up and that is all!

Cheap and easy to get, vinegar is really an all-rounder.

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