Detox your home from electromagnetic pollution with these simple changes

Electromagnetic pollution: Detox your home from it with these 4 simple changes

Electromagnetic pollution can actually be harmful, but you can use these 4 simple tricks to a healthier home.

Although electromagnetic pollution is not completely new for us, in recent years the artificial electromagnetic radiation to which we are exposed has increased significantly. We are surrounded by computers, microwaves, cell phones, power lines, cell phone towers, fitness tracking devices, smart meters, televisions, routers, X-ray machines, and radios and all of them emit radiation to varying degrees. We might not feel its effects, but the truth is that it may be gradually damaging our health.

1. Prioritize Sleeping Areas

Keep your sleeping area free of devices.

The wall where the head of the bed is located must not have any appliances or electronic devices on the other side. You don't need a radio alarm clock -It emits a large number of waves that interfere for hours with your brain while you sleep, plus, there are more relaxed things to wake up to.

2. Disable Wireless Functions

Before going to bed and whenever possible disable the wireless function. This includes routers, printers, tablets, and laptops — all emit a Wi-Fi signal. Whenever possible, disable the Wi-Fi function on your devices.

3. Go Wired 

Go wired.

If you can, choose wired devices: mouse, keyset, headphones. An old-fashioned phone is better than a cordless one, but if you absolutely need to have one, there are reduced-emission ones.

4. Keep them at a distance

While this may seem impossible, but it isn't: avoid WIFI, replace it with a cable.

While this may seem impossible, but it isn't: avoid WIFI, replace it with a cable. If you can't, turn it off when it's not in use. At night always!

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