DIY: How to plant an avocado?

Many people do not know that planting vegetables and herbs, which you will only have to buy once, is very simple.

Planting an avocado tree is as easy as taking its stone and without effort, planting it so that in a short time we have a beautiful avocado tree.

The avocado is a fruit with great properties, containing high-quality proteins, essential fatty acids,  antioxidants like vitamin E. It is highly recommended to introduce it in our diet.

Also, it is used everything because with its stone we can obtain a precious plant, it is only necessary to know-how:

How to plant an avocado?

-Take out the avocado pit and clean it.

- Locate the broad end of the pit. This is the end that will be in contact with water.

- Press three toothpicks around the pit. These will suspend the pit from the rim of the jar. Change the water every couple of days. 

- Wait for the root to come out, it usually takes about 3 or 4 weeks. When the root is about 10 cm long, take the seed out of the water.

- Take out the toothpicks. 

- Plant the seed so that only half of it is covered by soil.

In a little over a month, the plant should produce leaves. 

How to plant avocado at home?

Reasons to eat avocado

  1. It helps improve cholesterol levels and stabilize heart rhythm.
  2. Helps with the growth and repair of muscle mass.
  3. Reduces inflammation in the joints and helps repair cartilage.
  4. Makes us feel fuller for longer.
  5. Improves the immune system.
Benefits of eating avocado

Benefits of avocado for your health

  1. Rich in Vitamin E. Reduces the risk of heart disease.
  2. Source of Vitamin D. Aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
  3. Has more Potassium than a banana. Contains 60% more potassium than bananas.
  4. Contribution of antioxidants. Preventive against cellular aging.
  5. Lutein for the eyes. Absorbs the ultraviolet rays of the sun preventing it from damaging the retina.
  6. Contains 4 monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils. They reduce bad cholesterol.
  7. High content of folic acid.

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