Could essential oils cause harm? Aspects to consider when using essential oils

Could essential oils cause harm? Aspects to consider when using essential oils

Essential oils are a powerful tool that has been used for centuries to heal, reduce anxiety and for pleasure as well. You might have your own opinion as to whether they work or not, but you should be careful not to cause harm.

Although essential oils have recently regained popularity, this practice goes back to centuries ago: Egyptians used to treat aches, anxiety and acne, for example. So they are not something particularly new, but do you know what they are?

Essential oils

These oils are called essential because they carry the essence of the plant, not because they are fundamental. The question remains to up to what extent they work. Although there’s little evidence to support the correlation between the oil and the result, lavender oil has shown to help with pain tolerance and ginger oil reduces nausea after surgery.

Lavender oil has shown to help with pain tolerance.


Just because they are natural this does not mean that they can be used any way we like –you have to consult an expert before using them. These are some of the undesired effects:

They are not for internal use: don’t swallow them, because it can result in serious illness.

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