Concerned About Your Impact on Fast Fashion? Learn How Can You Support Those that Make Your Clothes during COVID

Underneath the fashion industry there are those who actually work make your clothes. During these strange times, the fashion industry workers may need additional support to cope with the impact of COVID19. Read on to learn about these organizations, who are there to help them.

You always have ways to help employees of fashion companies. These are organizations focus on supporting those behind the brand names, those who may not get the direct benefit of your purchases, those who really need.

AWAJ Foundation : provides legal assistance, health care, union organizing, training in labor rights, and industry and policy advocacy. Donations will go directly to workers who have lost their jobs. This will be done primarily in the form of cash disbursements to ensure that their basic food and housing needs are met.

The Garment Worker Center : a community and non-profit space in Los Angeles that supports tens of thousands of low-wage garment workers, especially immigrant and undocumented workers, women of color and their families. 100% of its worker members have sounded the alarm about the loss of their jobs and reduced hours due to COVID-19, as well as the lack of sanitary conditions in the factories that are still operating

GoodWeave International : a non-profit organization working to end forced labour and child labour in global supply chains They have launched the COVID-19 Child and Worker Protection Fund to deliver aid.

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) launched the #StayHomeLiveFair campaign to support its global network of workers, farmers, artisans and communities during the crisis.

CARE, the global social justice NGO, has worked in the garment industry for over 20 years and focuses on protecting and supporting the rights and needs of women and girls during the pandemic. CARE's Emergency Fund for Emergencies is matching all donations and using funds to urgently provide families with hygiene masks, hand washing stations and hygiene kits.

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