Choosing happy and healthy plants: What you should know when shopping for plants

Having plants around just makes you feel good as long as they are healthy and thriving! So take note of these signs.

Going to the plant nursery is one of the best experiences for those of us who love gardening. But you don't have to give yourself up to the first impression, nor go crazy for the first copy that we have in our hands if what you want is to hit the plants that you take home. Here are some keys to keep in mind before buying new plants.

It's important that you check if your plant is healthy to ensure it will be happy.

One of the important points that we must observe is the growth of the leaves, and that this is bushy. Likewise, the color is very important, it has to be bright green. Another indicator of plant health is the presence of new shoots or buds.

It's easy to get carried away by the exuberance of the largest and most developed plants, keep in mind that the youngest will adapt best to your garden.

Don't buy plants with pale, yellowed, or wilted leaves. Neither if the sheets are broken nor with brown edges.

Yellowing between the veins in young leaves indicates iron deficiency.

It's very important to verify that it does not have any pests or diseases, closely observing the plant, especially the upper part and the underside of the leaves, also the joints.

What are we looking for? Stains, discolorations, aphids, fungus problems, mealybugs or white fluff.

You should avoid buying diseased plants or plants with pests since they can infect those you already have at home.

Do not buy sickly plants

The roots
Healthy roots are also synonymous with healthy plants. Sometimes, if the plant is in a pot, we will not be able to check the state of the roots. The roots should not come out over the ground or through the drainage holes, if we observe this, it may mean that it has been in the same pot for too long.

The roots of a plant have several important functions.

Avoid offers!
If you see a promotion of two or more plants at lower prices than normal in a nursery, it can be a bad sign about the health of the plants.

Similarly, if you see a plant separated from the rest with a sale price. A plant separated from the rest can mean that it is sick, and as far away so as not to infect the others.

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