Cellulite cups: the solution to cellulite?

Cellulite cups: the solution to cellulite?

Cellulite is present in many people's skins, especially women. While it doesn't impact your physical health negatively, it's often considered undesirable. The search for a solution to it has brought many methods into the spotlight, including so-called cellulite cups that claim to get rid of this skin condition.

Most dermatologists believe that the root of cellulite is in hormone imbalances and poor circulations and lymphatic drainage, together with other causes related to an unhealthy lifestyle like little exercise and a bad diet. There are also experts who believe that there's a hereditary component to cellulite.

It's necessary to explain what cellulite is. Essentially, it's related to the blood flow to connective tissue, which is what builds the structure that supports your body's organs and tissues. Poor blood flow causes swelling and, consequently, allows fat and waste to accumulate due to the stretch of connective tissues apart from each other.

As a result, your body's fat, water, and waste distribution is slightly altered. These elements push up against the connective tissue around them while they're trapped beneath the skin. This causes what's seen on the outside (mostly on the arms, legs, and bottoms); dimpled skin.

Cellulite is a common skin condition that appears mostly on the legs, arms, and bottoms.

Cellulite cups are small silicone cups that claim to help smoothen the skin. They're meant to be used as a vacuum over the areas with visible cellulite. What happens is that the dimpled skin is lifted, which boosts blood circulation and helps to get rid of toxins. This means that the fat and trapped waste are drained with a flood of blood rich in nutrients.

Dry cupping therapy was proven to be successful when safely improving microcirculation and boosting the lymphatic system drainage. However, many experts believe the effects of cellulite cups to be only temporary. Their impact on mid- or long-term cellulite is low, and its results are said to fall flat when compared with those from a good diet and exercise.

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to achieve long-term results regarding cellulite treatment.

Remember that cellulite is a common and non-threatening skin condition, but if you're still determined to reduce it you'll surely find a healthy diet suited for you and a good workout routine

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