COVID-19: How to build a healthy relationship with your smartphone during lockdown

Smartphones are a huge part of our lives. But as all important relationships, they have their downsides.

You are constantly in close proximity to your smartphone: keeping in touch with friends and family, reading those endless whatsapps messages and memes about Covid 19, browsing YouTube for exciting videos…More than a tool it’s now a friend.

Sometimes, it’s a lifesaver. Without the phone (and without Amazon Prime and Netflix), we wouldn’t have had hours of entertainment during this pandemic.

But sometimes we spend too many hours looking at that screen and doing nothing productive. We even go with it to bed, to the bathroom, when we go out to exercise and while we are cooking. Unnecessary.

If you wish to have a healthier relationship with your phone, without going cold turkey, pay attention to these suggestions.

The downsides of Smartphones: we spend too many hours looking at that screen and doing nothing productive

Are they really that interesting? Stay with the ones that interest you and disregard all the others. Until you make the decision to eliminate them, mute the group for several weeks. Not having the sound on will help you focus as you won’t have the annoying pings disturb you in the middle of a task. If someone needs you, they will call.

If you have work mail set up on your phone, try to set up a time to check and reply to work messages. Do not open emails at 11pm! This will only make you nervous and too wired to sleep. Also, unsubscribe from all the junk.

Although it's obviously very tempting, try to concentrate your leisure time and separate it from your work time. May be take a 20 min break to watch videos, then resume working. Taking the time to go to the TV and watching series and videos there will also result in less screen time, as it’s not as handy as the phone. We also like selecting videos and leaving them in Watch later folder. If you stick to that folder only, it will prevent you from falling victim to Youtube back hole.

Finally, try a detoxing from smartphones for a week. Only pick up calls. You have nothing to lose. And you might be surprised how easy it was to be independent. And how much free time you actually have.

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