Body and soul: How Alexandra Daddario finds the balance. Body and soul: How Alexandra Daddario finds the balance.

Body and soul: How Alexandra Daddario finds the balance

Alex, as she likes to be called, tries to find the balance to feel good. Let's see what their habits are!

If we were to describe the endless activities and routines of Alexandra Daddario, we would not end here. But what we do know is that she is a role model. Actress, influencer, spokesperson for the United Nations Foundation, athlete, and avid yogi. Let's see where she finds inspiration and how this fantastic woman achieves balance.

Well-being is the key
Alexandra Daddario leads a very fickle lifestyle and, from time to time, she needs to switch off and unplug. So the first thing she does in the morning is to meditate for five or ten minutes every day.

Taking care of yourself is forgiving yourself and that's what she conveys, forgiving yourself: "We live in a time when we are very hard on ourselves, and I think forgiving ourselves is huge," she says.

In her words there is peace
For her the importance of well also having to do with seeing others well, helping them, doing something for someone. "Do something good for one person every day," says Alexandra. The actress works with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDs Foundation, which has partnered with Nothing But Nets, an organization that provides materials to people in Africa to prevent malaria.

Yoga is a way of life
Alexandra has been practicing yoga for a long time too. This practice helps her control anxiety and improve her sleep, this goes hand in hand with her philosophy of life. She cares about feeling good in body and soul.

Eating is a healthy habit
For Alex, eating is giving and receiving balance in what you eat. On the one hand, you take care of yourself, with vegetables, legumes, and proteins in a balanced diet but, also, you have to indulge yourself. She refuses to go through the stress of not being able to enjoy what you eat and will detract from the benefits you get from healthy eating. Therefore, you are never short of your chocolate bar.

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