Bluetooth headphones are surely comfortable, but are they dangerous?

Bluetooth headphones are surely comfortable, but are they dangerous?

We all love going for our morning run without being tied to any wire, but do we know what the effects of such technology are for our health? Let’s see what experts think

Scientists have expressed their concern about what exposure to electromagnetic fields might do to our health. All wireless devices emit EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and science has already warned against potential health risks of chronic EMF exposure –cancer, neurological disorders, memory and learning problems, reproductive issues and genetic damages.

Keep your phone 10 inches away from your face.

Although there is plenty of research on the risk against EMFs, there is little research done on how safe Bluetooth devices are. We can say, however, that wireless headphones emit lower levels of radiation compared to cell phones and their emissions are within the range of permitted amounts.

There is little research on what the potential risks of prolonged exposure to lower levels of radiation might cause and some experts predict that they could actually hurt our health if you use your wireless headphones many hours a day.

Precautions you can take

There is still data to be collected to state a verdict, we can however take some measures to avoid potential risks. Try using your speakerphone if you are going to be on a long phone call, or switch to wired headphones, if you have to use your phone, keep it about 10 inches from your face.

Try using wired headphones if you are going to spend a lot of time with them on.

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