BioHybrid, the new generation of electric vehicles for urban mobility

A new generation of vehicles has been born and is halfway between a car and a bike.

Biohybrid promises to be a revolution for urban mobility. A vehicle capable of traveling up to 50 kilometers at a speed of 25 km/h.

It is 2.1 m long, 85 cm wide and 1.5 m high, has portable batteries, electric reverse gear for easy maneuvering, automatic gear change, two seats (1+1), and removable space for luggage.

To protect the occupants from the weather it has an innovative cover that can be easily stored under the seat using an intelligent turning mechanism.

Bio-Hybrid represents a new contemporary form of personal urban mobility 

2 versions of the Bio-Hybrid

Bio-Hybrid is available in two versions, Passenger and Cargo.

BioHybrid, the new generation of electric vehicles for urban mobility. Cargo model (L), Passenger (R): // Photo

They combine the freedom and agility of a bicycle with the cargo volume and climate protection of a small car.

A lightweight electric vehicle opens on the sides. The Passenger version is a box body with a capacity of 1,500 liters, while the pick-up variant has an open cargo area. According to the manufacturer, the modular design of the cargo version also allows for special applications.

The Bio-Hybrid incorporates two 250W engines, with speeds up to 25 km/h. It weighs 100 kilograms and is 794 mm wide.

Bio-Hybrid: Wir bewegen durch die Stadt / We move through the city

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