Best morning pre-workout foods you can eat Best morning pre-workout foods you can eat

Best morning pre-workout foods you can eat

Many people have the same question about their morning routine: Should I eat before my morning workout? We share with you the answer of the specialists. 

Starting in the morning can be difficult, especially if you get up very early to exercise. To find out whether or not you should eat something before your workout, you should first ask yourself: What do I expect from my workout routine. Am I looking to strengthen my muscles or lose weight?


Depending on your goal, you may want to spend more time eating a balanced meal before you work out. The experts told us all about what to look for.

First, determine what your training objective is

If you are looking to lose fat, you should exercise on an empty stomach. If you're looking to gain muscle, you can eat something before you exercise. You should keep in mind that exercising in a fasting state leads to better and longer-lasting oxidation of fat throughout the day, but exercising in a fed state leads to better muscle hypertrophy.

Workout routine

Listen to your body

Everybody is different and you should find out how your body works. If you tend to feel weak or dizzy, try an apple or Greek yogurt an hour before working out. On the other hand, if you can exercise on an empty stomach, do so.

Make good choices about what to eat before you work out

The combination of sugar and fat will provide greater calorie-burning, leading to better workout results and preparing you to fight sugar cravings after exercise.


Final considerations

When you sleep, you spend a long period of time without eating and therefore, without adding energy to your body. Keep in mind that if you do not have energy, your performance will be reduced. However, you can try eating a fruit before training if you feel your body is asking for it. You will see that you will get great results!

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