7 keys to being a good minimalist

Are you ready for a minimalistic life? 7 tips for the true minimalist

Are ready for a minimalist life or you'd rather buy some Nordic furniture and throw away almost everything you have?

Being a minimalist is much more than decorating your space with as little as possibles. Check out these 7 tips to start your journey to minimalism journey, you will not regret it!

1. Take a moment for yourself

Take a moment for yourself and analyze what relationship you have with your things. Think about what you keep in boxes or on top of cabinets, how much you have that you haven't used in months. How much space you would make if you got rid of it all. Spend a day revolutionizing your home and getting rid of all the things you don't use or are unnecessary.

Are you really a minimalist?

2. Don't pay a lot of attention to the useless things

Decorations, cream samples, cosmetics you don't use, things you have been given and didn't like.                                        

3. Get into the habit of always having everything nice and tidy

As far as possible, of course, we already know that a student's desk or the room of a family with small children is anything but tidy, but try to keep everything as clear as possible.

4. Think before you buy

This is something that happens naturally when you start to lose the taste for treasuring things, you start to experience a kind of inappetence to buy. Twice about buying before you let the impulse take over. The euphoria that comes from buying something is momentary and empty, as soon as that thing becomes yours, it automatically loses its appeal.

Are you really a minimalist?

5. Consider simplifying your pantry, your refrigerator, and, in general, your food.

This caring thing has gone from being a healthy habit of being a real economic wreck. Simplify your pantry, eat everything you have before you continue shopping, and establish order in your diet.

6. Have a Minimalistic Mind 

Choose carefully what you invest your time in, choose well your problems, your conversations, and discussions. Simplify your life and do it through the way you live. Getting rid of material things will make it easier for you to make space, silence, and reload well.

7. Remember: sometimes less is more

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