What is mindfulness and how to practice it

All to know about mindfulness and how to reap its insane benefits

How many times have you felt like you're not concentrating enough? That you haven't really enjoyed the moment? I bet thousands of times. Well, mindfulness is here to prove that it is much more than a fancy buzzword. 

The word "mindfulness" has been here for a while now, and though it might sound quite trendy and interesting, some people don't really know what it really is. 

Let me paint you the picture: You're doing a task and suddenly, without you realizing it, you're on a different task. Reading without paying attention to words and meaning, scrolling through social media while having lunch or even spending time with your family.

That's the purpose of mindfulness. To create awareness, attention and focus on the present moment. 

People tend to keep their minds on the past or constantly planning for the future, which when practiced too much becomes a huge source of stress.

What is mindfulness then?

Mindfulness is the process of cultivating our ability to be attentive to present experience (whether thoughts, emotions or bodily sensations), awakening from behaviors that are routine or automatic.

Mindfulness: the process of cultivating our ability to be attentive to the present

It’s easy to confuse mindfulness with other concepts, but…

It is not meditation

Mindfulness can be considered as a state of mind based on being aware of the present moment; meditation techniques will serve as pathways to this state. Whilst meditation is something you do for a set amount of time, mindfulness can be practiced constantly.

It has nothing to do with religion

Although the origin of mindfulness is based on Buddhist teachings, you don't need to practice this religion or any other to practice it. Meditation based on mindfulness has been proven and validated through extensive scientific research as a practice that trains the ability to pay attention, without any spiritual or religious background involved.

Mindfulness is not about being calm

We often expect mindfulness will bring us calm and relaxation. But mindfulness is just about noticing whatever experience we're having, including all the thoughts, feelings or physical sensations that are a part of it, even the unpleasant ones

The benefits of mindfulness

The benefits of mindfulness

How to be more mindful?

Pay special attention to common practices

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Victoria Thais

A trip to India was all it took for Victoria to realise that meditation is not a fancy word for sitting around in silence. It truly changed Victoria’s life to a less stressful and more mindful one. Now a freelance consultant and journalist, Victoria joined KOKO to share her knowledge on those little things that are life so much better, and cosier.+ info

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