Adidas launches the first sneakers that can be recycled over and over again

Can you imagine wearing shoes that are 100% recyclable? Adidas has promised to design running shoes that will be "the world's most sustainable shoe"

  • Adidas has a circular economy project, where raw materials can be reused several times.
  • The FutureCraft.loop is a type of shoe that will be manufactured with ocean plastic 
  • Adidas was able to change the process as it only uses one type of material and does not require glue. 

All the components of the shoe are fused by heat. So far it is a prototype, which is being tested with 200 people with great influence in the digital world. They will have to run and test the shoe, then share their experience on social networks. Once it passes the testing process, it is expected that they can be launched commercially in 2021.

At the end of their life, the shoes are washed, ground  and melted into material that can go back into making the next generation shoe. 

Adidas has also partnered with Allbirds to create zero carbon sports shoes. The footwear brands have set aside competition to joint forces in their fight agaist climate change  

adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP: a Shoe Made to be Remade

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