9 simple actions that will make you feel good in less than a second 9 simple actions that will make you feel good in less than a second

9 simple things you can do to feel better in less than a second

People often recommend that you should practice Yoga or do a Feng Shui renovation at home to feel better. But how about just doing some simple things to make you feel better? Just because. Because smiling is better than being grumpy. 

1. Wear it. Put on those clothes that makes you feel great. It doesn't matter if it's not fashionable or if there is no special occasion for it.

2. Think and do it now: whatever you had in mind you can do now immediately and without waiting. What's better than the feeling of mission accomplished?

3. Call someone. How long has it been since you've called anyone? Talk, sit down, have a cup of coffee or tea and just talk to your loved ones.

Just talking to someone can make you feel better

4. Day off: not impossible. The world does not come to an end if you take a day off, especially a day you know will be quiet.

5. Let your voice flow... sing or shout: in the shower, cooking, walking.  No matter what voice you have, the idea is to release stress through music.

6. Exercise: it triggers all the endorphins at the same time. As soon as you start breathing in the middle of the trees, you will feel the smile coming from your lips.

Exercise triggers endorphins, you will fell the smiles coming naturally to you.

7. Meditate: about 10 minutes a day is enough. Concentrate on the present moment, on your breathing, on your feelings. With time you will get better and be to relax completely.

8. Smile: do it all day long. Smile at the people you meet on your way and at yourself. Just smiling will make you happier.

Smiling all day long will make you feel better, you can't get it wrong.

9. Find things that make you laugh: a meme, a viral video, a picture of someone you know that looks funny. Laugh hard and loud!

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