7 Physical symptoms that are a true red flag of depression

Studies show that our body pain is, sometimes, related to this mental illness.

Depression is commonly linked to sadness, crying, and feelings of hopelessness, but research has shown that it also manifests with physical pain, too.

Physical symptoms can tell you whether a depressive period is about to begin or they can be a red flag that you are experiencing depression at the moment. Here’s a list of the seven symptoms that should be a wake-up call for every person.

1-Low energy and fatigue

Low energy and fatigue can be a sign of depression

A very common symptom of depression is fatigue. Unlike everyday fatigue, depression-related fatigue can also cause concentration problems, feelings of irritability, and apathy.

Dr. Maurizio Fava, Director of the Clinical Research Program at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, points out depressed patients often don’t get a good full night of sleep and they wake up equally or more tired than when they went to bed.

2-Everything hurts more than before

Pain has a greater impact on people who are depressed, and, as research shows, depressed individuals often have a decrease in their pain tolerance.

3-Back pain or aching muscles all over your body

Back pains might be related to depression

Maybe you get up just fine, but later you are at work and your back starts to kill you. It can be stress or depression. Although they’re often associated with bad posture or injuries, backaches can also be a symptom of psychological distress.


Occasional headaches are common for everyone, however, your headache might not always be induced by stress. If you notice you are experiencing headaches on a daily basis, it could be a sign of depression.

5-Eye problems

Depression can cause blurriness, too.

A 2010 research study carried out in Germany suggests that depression may actually affect one’s eyesight causing blurriness.

6-Stomach pain

The link between this kind of pain and depression was stated according to Harvard researchers, who concluded that depression can cause (or be a result of) an inflamed digestive system, with pain that’s easily mistaken for illnesses like inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

7-Digestive problems

Depression can lead to digestive problems

Emotions like sadness, anxiety, and overwhelm can disrupt our digestive tracts and lead to digestive problems, like constipation and diarrhea.

If you experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis, or if you think you need help, do not hesitate and contact a professional!

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