Discover 7 fun zoom holiday activities

7 fun holiday activities to do with your family on zoom

The holidays are a time to relax and also to spend time with family. With the current situation, the usual activities may not be developed, so here are some zoom activities

Being physically apart does not have to affect your family time. Thanks to the video-chatting platforms we all have access to these days, we can still go things together from a distance.

7 zoom activities to do with your loved ones

1) Watch movies together

Isn’t a night watching movies the best plan? Of course, you cannot sit on the same couch with your friends but there is a good option to share a moment with them: use an extension like Watch Netflix Together to stream the movie at the same time!

Use an extension like Watch Netflix Together to stream the movie at the same time with your friends!

2) Do arts and crafts together

The Crafter’s Box is a good website to do arts and crafts. There, you can find many online workshops to learn a new skill and share it with your loved ones. For example, you can learn how to do pressed florals, macramé landscapes, and how to make jewelry. What would you do? 

3) Organize a virtual cocktail party

Call your friends and organize a night party on zoom. Choose your favorite drink to have while you are at the virtual party. In addition, you can ask your friends to mix ingredients and create new cocktails. Some companies, like Sourced Craft Cocktails and The Bubble Tap Trailer, will send you the ingredients and have an expert give you a remote tutorial on how to use them.

Host a virtual game night on zoom

4) Host a virtual game night

At the same virtual party mentioned before, you can propose some games. There are many games you can play online like charades, Pictionary, or guess the movie. 

5) Sing karaoke

This could be a great activity to have fun with your friends. Each friend should pick a song from Youtube to do karaoke but for the others. There are also many Spotify playlist with the best songs to sing karaoke. Enjoy!

Organize a cooking day on zoom with your loved ones

6) Look at family photos

Share your screen and look at the photos you have on your computer. Talking about the memories they represent and remembering the good moments is always a good idea. 

7) Cook together

Why not compete with friends to make the same thing on Zoom, like in a cooking show? This can be a really exciting activity to do. Discuss the possible dishes, so you can have all the necessary ingredients and start cooking!

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