6 Tips to improve the ergonomic at home and make HO more comfortable

6 Tips to improve the ergonomic at home and make HO more comfortable

Working from home for a year has surely taken its toll on your body, but fret not! there are simple ways to improve your workspace at home.

Whatever corner you’ve designated to be your workstation, there might be some tweaks you can actually do to make it more comfortable.

Most of the injuries that have appeared among those who work at home last year were related to sedentary life and computer use. Sitting in a slouched position, using a keyboard or mouse with a non-neutral posture and long hours of computer use without moving, and of course, stress, are the ones to blame.

However, there are several ways to improve your workspace. Discomfort from static positions, poor alignment, or contact tresses is definitely avoidable.

1. Align your body

Sit up straight, relax your shoulders and keep your elbows aligned with your keyboard. Add a footrest or lift your chair if necessary, and the top of your monitor should be about level with your eyebrows.

2. Arms

Pay attention to your arms

Your arms should form a 90° angle with your elbows while you are typing on your keyboard.

3. Press your buttocks firmly against the back of your chair

This is a way of supporting your lower back, you can even use a small cushion to keep it pressed against your lower back so it arches slightly.

4. Take breaks

4. Take breaks

Don’t spend hours staring at the screen no matter what. Make sure to focus on a distant object every 20 or 15 minutes for a few seconds.

5. Stand up and stretch

Stretch often and get up regularly.

Get up and step away from the computer every 20 or 30 minutes. Stretch for a minute or two, walk around and shake it out. This will help your blood circulate normally.

6. Get the right equipment

If your chair is not good enough to be working full time, get a new one. You don’t need to spend tons to improve the ergonomics of your workstation.

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