5 ways to avoid emotional exhaustion

5 simple ways to avoid emotional exhaustion

If you think you're close to having an emotional breakdown... you're close to having an emotional breakdown. But don't despair because there's still time to avoid it.

Emotional burnout has a lot to do with work and family environment. In fact, the main causes of this feeling are pressure at work or at home.

Here are some ways you can spot the early signs of emotional burnout so you can stop it in its tracks when it's still manageable:

1. Recognize and identify the situations and environments that generate high levels of stress in your life.

In this way, you will be able to make decisions to avoid them and take care of your emotional health.

2. Try to adopt a more positive attitude towards daily obligations.

It's not about what makes you angry out there: it's about not getting angry, whatever is going on outside.

5 ways to avoid emotional exhaustion

3. Have intimate moments of relaxation:

Practice a hobby, treat yourself to a massage or a delicious meal, or just enjoy the peace of mind of doing nothing. The moments of solitude lower the level of stress a lot.

4. Look for spaces of calm on a daily basis

Somewhere you can get away from the negative influences of your surroundings. If possible in contact with nature, even if it's a local park. Multiple studies have shown that spending time in nature improves emotional well-being.

5. Rest

Take care of your sleeping habits. Take time to wind down at night and avoid reading emails or watching too much TV. 

6.  Work on your levels of self-demand

Cultivate an attitude of understanding and kindness to yourself. No one is perfect. Treat yourself like you treat your best friend. Would you say to someone else the things you say to yourself?

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