5 alternatives to air conditioning to take care of your health (and our planet!)

5 alternatives to air conditioning to take care of your health (and our planet!)

There's a place in your house that's similar to a black hole in space. That's where almost 70% of the energy in your apartment goes, you know what that is?

We want a lower temperature in our environment but we use devices that make the global temperature rise. Air conditioning can use up a lot of energy in a house. If we could see the energy bills according to the appliances we could easily check just how much we spend on aircon.

In addition, air conditioning an have a poor effect on health: the dryness in the environment caused by air conditioners can lead to allergies, respiratory problems, asthma, dry skin and eyes. If it's not cleaned regularly, it can contaminate the air, making respiratory illnesses worse. Not to mention the colds, fever, headaches and fatigue.

We propose alternatives to air conditioning that can help you.

Open the windows at night to allow in the cool air


An old-school appliance that can actually be decorative (if they're pretty). Fans are the most popular and economical way to lower the temperature of the room without varying the level of humidity in an aggressive way for our airways.


Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a more environmentally friendly and economical option compared to air conditioners. They save energy and are a good alternative, consuming up to 30% less than air conditioners!

In addition, ceiling fans bring down the temperature (up to 4°C) of the rooms in the house, in a way that respects people's health and the environment. There are also models that can do the reverse function and provide heat in winter.

A fan is an eco-friendly option to use in summer

Adapting the home to the surrounding climate

The old wide walls of the houses insulated them from both cold and heat, and the white facades helped the interior of the houses to remain cooler as well.

Even if the construction of your house does not have these characteristics, you can install an awning, lower the blinds in the rooms and take advantage of the night to cool your home naturally by opening the windows at strategic times. It couldn't be simpler!

Adapt your house to the environment

Underfloor systems

There is another alternative to air conditioning that, although not as economical, is definitive. It involves installing pipes under the floor of the house in which the water circulates, using renewable energy.

The temperatures become more pleasant and this installation can be used for both heat and cold. The installation is a bit complex, but the consumption is reduced if you use renewable energy sources.

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