5 Ways to be present for your friends

5 Ways to be there for your friends no matter the circumstances

Especially after 2020, it is important to show up for your friends and check in on them. Although you might sometimes be busy with work or romantic relationships, you need to nourish your friendships day-to-day.

The pandemic made us reevaluate and change the way we relate to our loved ones. And although it may be more difficult to spend time with them, there are still some easy ways to show your support for your friends. This is what therapists suggest:

1. Call them

Call them for no reason.

You don’t need any reason to call a friend, just do it. Call your friends with no agenda to show them your care about them and to catch up with their lives.

2. Offer your help

Offer your help

If your friend is having a difficult time, maybe they don’t need your opinion, they might just need someone to vent to. One of the best ways you can help a friend is to ask them how you can help.

3. Ask permission to vent

Ask for permission to vent.

If your friend is also having a rough time, it might be difficult for them to support you. Make sure you know they are open to listening to you. Venting your problems can make your friend feel safe to share theirs, but don’t monopolize the conversation, instead use it to let them know they are not alone.

4. Contact your friends at least once a week

Contact your friends at least once a week

Just the act of sending a funny video or a meme can make the difference, it shows that you consider them important and that you have thought about them.

5. Small gestures matter

Prepare a treat to send to your friend.

Surprise them with a small gift like delivering a treat for breakfast, or something you know they’ll enjoy, it’s a nice gesture to cheer someone up.

Just the fact that you are present will go a long way, remember it is important to build a strong supportive network of friends you know you can trust.  

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