5 Vegan Stylish Shoes to keep up with the fashion trends. They are also sustainably produced!

5 Vegan Stylish Shoes to keep up with fashion trends. They are also sustainably produced!

Begin able to find a vegan fashionable shoe is a thing of the past. Many brands began to produce cruelty-free shoes, which may well be able to compete with the big brand names! Ranging from streetwear to shoes for a night out, check out our selection!

1. Veerah

Unlike any other shoe, Veerah creates amazing shoes with detachable accessories such as tassels, brooches, and reversible straps. Veerah shoes are versatile and beautiful. If you are looking for some new heels Veerah should be your next destination.


2. Ethletic

A German-based initiative, also with sites in India, Ethletic is committed to ensuring fair trade and safe working practices. Ethletic produces comfortable and casual vegan shoes.

3. Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat strive to produce everyday vegan shoes made out of synthetic leather and 100% recycled plastic bottles. They have a strong commitment to ethical labor practices too. Offering a wide range of beautiful shoes, you simply can't go wrong with these ones.


4. Beyond Skin

Offering a stylish range of vegan shoes, from slippers to heels for a night out, Beyond Skin is a wonderful option for your new shoes. The production is also centered around sustainability and fair labor conditions.

5. Susi Studio

These vintage-inspired shoes that will take you back to the 60s are made using sustainable and recycled materials. A portion of Susi Studio's profit is donated to Mercy For Animals.

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