5 Reasons why you should start using Rosemary essential oil

5 Reasons why you should start using Rosemary essential oil

Essential oils should be part of everyone´s wellness routine, they help improve your health in many ways in a natural way, and while rosemary is creat in your potatoes, rosemary essential oil boasts lots of benefits!

Essential oils are in fact, amazing, they can help you control anxiety and sleep better, others are great for your skin, rosemary oil should be part of your wellness routine for its cognitive and stress reduction benefits. So yes, rosemary is not only a great food ingredient, but it also has magickal and health benefits. 

Rosemary is a super tasty herb.

What is rosemary?

Rosemary is an evergreen perennial shrub and a member of the mint family and although it was originally grown in the Mediterranean region, it is now present all over the world. It is a food preservative, it is also a condiment, it is a natural antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory qualities, and it is considered a magickal herb.

Rosemary benefits

1. It supports hair growth

Rosemary helps your hair grow healthier.

Rosemary essential oil stimulates hair growth if you suffer from hair loss or if your hair is thinning.

2. It can help reduce pain

It can help your cope with stress and relieve pain.

Rosemary might help reduce pain for those who suffer from diabetes, it might also help reduce menstrual cramps and bleeding, and decrease osteoarthritis-related pain.

3. It can repel insects

Rosemary oil has also been shown to be an effective natural insect repellant and it is a non-toxic alternative.

4. It can lower stress levels

Rosemary oil has been found to help ward anxiety off. In fact, inhaling rosemary oil led to antioxidant activity and a lowering of cortisol levels -the stress hormone.

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