3 tips to make your conversation more positive during the Covid19

3 tips to make your conversation more positive during the Covid19

We are permanently connected and that makes us aware of all the news, especially the bad news...

The context of the pandemic favours pessimistic conversations and comments on negative news we see in the media.

We constantly read news about economic recession, unemployment, the consequences of the pandemic, and even the secrets of the next big epidemic that will be ahead of us. Is there a way to escape from all those conversations, even if only for a moment?

The coronavirus doesn't have to ruin all your personal communications. Here are a few tips to help you get your calls and text messages going.


1) Avoid focusing on negative news

In every conversation with friends, we are tempted to comment on the latest news. And it turns out that the latest news is generally bad news.

Try a news blackout for a few days. You can moderate your news consumption to a couple of moments a day. You don't have to count the number of infected people in the world every 5 minutes.

Perhaps if you moderate your news consumption, the news may be less present in your conversations.

3 tips to make your conversation more positive during the Covid19

2) Here and now: you need to be present in the conversation

It's the wisest rule of all: talking to someone, even if it's Whatsapp, implies that you are present in the conversation. That means you have to show your willingness to listen.

Answer the questions. Allow time for the other person to speak or write. Ask about things that are happening to you now or your activities at the time. Focus on the good things in life. 

3) Share humour...good humour if possible

Emoticons, jokes, videos are some of the ways we have to digitally reproduce the funny situations we may have in a live conversation.

Even if you share some bad news, adding some appropriate humour is a way to strip conversations of so many negative elements.

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