3 tips to cope with unhealthy competition a the workplace.

3 tips to cope with unhealthy competition in the workplace.

Work can become a very stressful activity for many. Especially at a time like this, when the crisis makes everyone nervous and can increase the pressure to compete and "save themselves". Read on to learn 3 simple things you can do to deal with the situation at work.

If you think you are in a competitive environment and find it hard to resist, it is time to consider some strategy to reduce your anxiety about high competitiveness.

A significant portion of your time at work may be spent trying to get to better roles. Making progress keeps you on your toes and can bring out the best in you...and the worst.

Competition is a stimulus for growth and a lever to do things better. But competition has nothing to do with envy or jealousy. It is a difference that you must learn.

Here are 3 things to avoid if there is a lot of competition at work:

1. Being too attentive to the professional development of others 

It is good to be interested in how other colleagues are doing.

But there is a limit to everything. It doesn't make sense to spend time comparing your career with others or thinking about the benefits they may have in their new position that you would love to have.

Interestingly, we always pay attention to those who are supposedly doing better and never to those who are doing worse.

Unhealthy competition at work can lead to anxiety. 

2. Avoid indiscreet conversations and gossip

Rumors, indiscreet comments, chatting in the coffee machine dissecting a co-worker is not only an inelegant habit: it adds unnecessary anxiety and puts too much attention on the lives of others.

3. Learn to be patient

It is likely that you can make progress in your work but don't turn it an obsession.

Each professional phase needs to mature. If you have been with the company for a long time and you have already been promoted, it is possible that a new promotion will take time.

Find more encouragement in life than your career.

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