3 plants improve our quality of life

If you keep plants in your home and in your workplace it increases memory retention and concentration. And, let's face it, you feel happier. 

The spaces with plants are happier places and charged with positive energy, which contributes to our emotional well-being, due to contact with nature.

Having plants in our home can have a positive effect on our health, it has been shown that the presence of plants improves air quality. But not only that: they are a fantastic radiation absorber. Something that we cannot ignore if we consider that these emissions are considered silent pollution.

Indoor plants make you feel better.

1. Basil
It's an aromatic plant that in India is considered a healing plant for the body but also for the mind and spirit. A good part of these properties is attributed to its perfume, which is attributed to antidepressant properties.

Plant therapy is a real thing.

2. Jasmine
For plant lovers, jasmine is one of those climbing plants that are impossible to give up. In addition to its beauty, its flowering is characterized by having one of the most attractive perfumes in the world of plants. To which powerful aphrodisiac qualities are attributed.

The scent of jasmine produces a calming effect.

3. Rosemary
It's a culinary plant highly appreciated in Mediterranean gastronomy, with a very characteristic aroma. It is credited with the ability to attract joy and inner harmony.

Rosemary picks you up and makes you feel a little bit brighter.

It's also said to attract positive energy, and for that, those who support it are based on one fact: that they are a true magnet for bees, a true symbol of life.

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