3 tricks to keep your mind active and exercise your memory 3 tricks to keep your mind active and exercise your memory

3 easy tricks to keep your mind active and exercise your memory

Just as simply as you stretch or make orange juice every day, why not practicing some tricks that get your mind moving and keep it active and alert? Remember that your brain also need training  

The mind needs constant exercise. Like any other part of our body, like any other muscle, it needs to be trained constantly to function at its best.

Also, if you're over 40, you should start doing activities that help your brain stay young and have a good memory. This is a good way to prevent Alzheimer's.

1. Learn something new

Keep your mind active by learning new skills.

Learning stimulates our brain and improves communication between neurons. When you learn something new, you do a good muscle exercise with your intelligence and your senses. On the contrary, if you don't learn anything new, if you get stuck in a routine, your brain doesn't make much effort and doesn't work 100%.

If, for example, you are studying something, don't learn it by heart. Try to understand things in their full dimension. Read a text several times, understand it and do not limit yourself to just knowing it.

2. Use all your senses

Using all your sense consciously will help your brain to be active and healthier

We know the five senses well, but that doesn't mean we use them properly.  A good exercise is not to take our senses for granted and think about them every time we use them. Be aware of the smell of that coffee or the touch of a clean towel. Look, smell things, hear sounds, taste food. If you are in the shower, for example, concentrate on how the water is flowing through your body.

3. Repeat to memorize

To keep your mind active repeat to memorize

The worst thing that can happen to your brain is that much of its daily actions are automatic. It ends up being a lazy brain. Try this exercise: For one morning, try verbalizing out loud the things you do. Some people may think you're crazy if they see you talking to yourself, but you'll soon realize how you do what you do.

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