3 common pictures of our daily routine after Covid 19

3 common pictures of our daily routine after Covid 19

What will our daily life be like once this pandemic has passed? Some say that nothing will be the same, but others say that’s an exaggeration.

Be that as it may, there are some snapshots of the future we can already predict.

1. People with masks on the street

Snapshots of the future: People with masks on the street

In Japan and many places in China it was already very common years ago to see citizens walking around with masks. Several epidemics and the recent pandemic justified it. Now it will be a general rule for a long time for billions of us.

2. Leaving shoes at the entry

Snapshots of the future: Leaving shoes at the entry

A very Nordic habit that you also find in the East and in Northern European cities. Shoes carry large toxic load of whatever. Not only now due to COVID-19 but always, because of all the bacteria found on the street. The shoes will start sleeping outside the house fro now on.

3. Goodbye kisses, hello looks

Snapshots of the future: Goodbye kisses, hello looks

Although the kiss is more of a Latin custom than an Anglo-Saxon one, it is very much used for greeting. The Covid 19 crisis has temporarily removed it from the record of our habits. And maybe it's a good thing. Now we express or try to express many more emotions when we greet someone. With the kiss, sometimes we don't even look into each other's eyes. Same goes for handshakes, which will probably be replaced by the now adopted elbow bump.

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