3 Steps to Improve Creative Thinking for Life

New year's resolution: How to improve creative thinking in only 3 steps

It is sometimes easy to get used to having a routinary life and getting used to thinking inside the box. But if you are interested in finding out new ways to improve your life through the use of your creative thinking, here is where you should be!

The year 2020 is coming to an end but has marked the lives of most of us. If there is something that I have learned this year, is that creativity is the key to survival. In times of uncertainty caused by COVID-19, developing different types of thinking will help you find different answers. Creative thinking will give you perspective and allow you to analyze situations from another perspective in your personal life. In your work life, it will help you find creative solutions, discover innovative answers, and a new way of seeing the world.

Break the routine and unleash your creativity.

If you stimulate your creative thinking it will bring you enormous benefits and allow you to find paths where others only saw walls.

Reading books, not the least of which is an increase in creativity.

How to think outside the box

Why should we think outside the box? Because we are creatures of habits, and the same actions lead to the same results and I dare say that the whole point of humankind is innovating, experiencing, being more efficient, more sustainable. If there weren't people trying to develop new sources of renewable energies, there would not be any hope for our planet. I've made my point stating that being creative is an essential part of humanity and the foundation of progress for all civilizations, now, how can we exercise creativity?

Be curious

In childhood, creative thinking is commonplace. Remember all the stories you used to make up? and how you would play with the silliest objects? All the children are curious and that leads them to have energy and interest and to be more creative. As we grow older, we tend to focus on our routines and miss opportunities to try new ways of doing our daily tasks. Don't ever stop asking questions and learning about anything you encounter. As I had a lot of time this 2020, I made a point of studying a different subject every month:  Every night before going to bed I chose to watch a documentary instead of binge-watching a series. I learned about history, physics, linguistics, religion, and many more subjects. I sometimes wonder how we can stand living without investigating other fields of study. Seize every chance you have to learn about what other professionals do. Curiosity allows you to have more opportunities to be more creative.

Play that will boost your child's creativity.

Break the habit

Routine and habits are enemies of creativity. You should schedule changes on a routine day in your life. Make a list of the things you do out of habit, always the same way. Identify in this list what you do simply out of habit and choose to change. Step out of your comfort zone, this is where the good things happen! Life is too short and too interesting to lead a quiet, routinary life! 

Taking a bath, breaking the habits, will boost your creative thinking.

Changing is an opportunity

Try to change a little how you would do things and your activities in the day, in the week, in the month. For example, change your night and morning routines, change the radio channel, make new friends, try a different of tea, try reading other types of books, try something you've never done before, alternate the shower with immersion baths, change the TV program for another activity, listen to different music, learn a language or try taking a new route to work or your home. We are lucky enough to be living in 2020, where information is readily available and you can learn for free: don't waste your time! Be curious and take your chance.

Where could you insert a change to work your creativity and curiosity today?

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Victoria Thais

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