10 celebrities go green 10 celebrities go green

Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett & more:10 Eco-Warrior celebrities to follow

Green causes to restore balance on earth are increasingly popular among celebrities. Concerns about pollution, climate change, deforestation, animal abuse, plastic in the oceans are some of the main issues that some artists have embraced. Here you have our selection of eco-friendly celebrities!

1. LEONARDO DICAPRIO - The Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation

The Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation

The Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation supports projects to protect endangered animals and seeks to restore the balance in the different ecosystems and communities. So seriously he takes it, that his Oscar acceptance speech was focused almost entirely on this cause.

2. CATE BLANCHETT - Who on Earth Cares

CATE BLANCHETT Who on Earth Cares

By collaborating with this Australian foundation, Cate Blanchett seeks to reduce pollution and climate change by starting with changes herself that will serve as an example to others.

3. SIENNA MILLER - Global Cool C


Sienna Miller is part of this association that seeks to promote simple and affordable ways to help the environment.


NATALIE PORTMAN has a brand of vegan shoes

Not only does it have a brand of 'vegan' shoes and an environmentally friendly engagement ring. Natalie also supports Global Green USA among other foundations.

5. STING - Rainforest Foundation

STING Rainforest Foundation

Sting considers that the basis of life is in the forests and seeks to protect the indigenous communities that inhabit them by ensuring that land belongs to them by law.

6. ALEJANDRO SANZ - Arctic Chain Foundation

ALEJANDRO SANZ Arctic Chain Foundation

Alejandro Sanz seeks to raise awareness of climate change and its effects on the acceleration of the Arctic ice caps meltdown. He participated in an expedition to the Arctic to promote awareness.

7. EDWARD NORTON - Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

EDWARD NORTON Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust | Credit: Getty Images

His organization strives to promote the conservation of key ecosystems in East Africa by creating nature-based economies in a sustainable manner. He was also appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity by the UN.

8. TED DANSON - Oceana Foundation

TED DANSON Oceana Foundation

Ted seeks to raise awareness of the importance of the health of the oceans.

9. ORLANDO BLOOM - Global Green


It supports the same organization as Natalie Portman, which seeks to inform different communities about sustainability.

10. DARYL HANNAH - Sustainable Biofuels Alliance

DARYL HANNAH Sustainable Biofuels Alliance

In addition to having been arrested several times for her environmental activism, Daryl seeks to promote the use of biodiesel as a fuel.

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