Nordic fan? You're only 3 steps away from creating a Scandi kitchen

You're only 3 steps away from creating a dreamy Scandi kitchen

Natural colors, wood, and minimalist spaces have stolen our hearts. The Scandi kitchens, with their style and design, have become an object of desire in the world of interior design.

The Scandinavian-style kitchens are a perfect combination of form and function; they are practical and simple, but at the same time, following the principles of the Danish hygge, they are warm and welcoming.

Think about a Scandi decoration and the first thing that comes to mind is the color white.

White reflects and maximises the available natural light

The harsh winters that shaped the Scandi style dictated everything from the material they use to their gorgeous color palette. 

With as little as 6 hours of daylight in the long winter months, whites are an obvious choice to make any space brighter. 

Scandi style is here to stay. A quick search on Pinterest will prove that. So how can you make a space as cluttered as our kitchen a bit more Scandi? Well, you're only 3 steps away...

1. Incorporate wooden objects and furniture

3 keys to consider when decorating your kitchen with Nordic style

Having a white kitchen does not automatically make it "Scandinavian", you need some additional elements such as the soft tones of the wood.

Along with the color white, wood is the undisputed star of Scandi design. The light shades and natural finish of wood add warmth and provide much more comfortable spaces. Wooden chairs, bowls, placemats, trays, you name it... it will fit. 

Our Nordic neighbors make a great effort to achieve interiors as cozy as possible since due to the inclemency of the weather, they are forced to spend a lot of time inside their homes. Candles? Yes, please

2. Spaces free from clutter

Declutter your kitchen 

As in minimalist decoration, one of key characteristics of Scandi decoration and design is to limit any unnecessary clutter.

As they spend so much time indoors, they try to distribute things well. So it is essential in a Scandi kitchen to have everything very well organized and to use the space in the best possible way.

In Scandinavian interiors, less is more always.

3. A touch of colour

Add a tiny bit of color to make your space homier

Adding color to the décor of a Scandinavian kitchen is much simpler than in the case of Nordic-style bedrooms or living rooms.

Pastel shades of pink and green or bursts of bright green or yellow are the preferred options.

Usually, moderation in colors is a mantra in Scandi decoration.

It is also common to add tiles with colorful geometric patterns to decorate walls or even add some wallpaper to break the monotony.

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