Yoga Inspiration. 5 Yogis to follow on Instagram (and a hidden gem)

Yoga Inspiration: 5 Yogis to follow on Instagram (and a hidden gem)

If you wonder what Yoga may look like at it best, or if you simply need some inspiration for your practice, check out these amazing Yogi Masters. Read on to learn more about them and their jaw-dropping yoga practice.

1. Dylan Werner 

Originally trained in martial arts, Dylan discovers yoga about 20 years ago and turned into a full practitioner around 2010. These days Dylan is a global yoga teacher, touring the world giving countless workshops and even teaching trainers. His approach to yoga is creative and dynamic focusing on arm balances and strong backbends. 

2. Briohny Smyth

With more than 10 years of experience, Briohny focuses on teaching yoga through dynamic flows and alignment. In her typical class, you can find anything from basic poses to intense inversions. Briohny does not shy away from interacting with the students through the online platforms.

3. Ashley Galvin

Based in California, Ashley is world-famous for her incredible flexibility and near-impossible overstretching. Ashley began teaching yoga in 2010. She cultivates body awareness through strong and dynamic sequences. Simply try one of her classes to discover your new edge.

4. Patrick Beach

Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers by Greatist & Sonima Live, Patrick travels the world teaching yoga. He is the creator of Awakening Yoga and has been a Global Yoga Ambassador to Virgin Active. A true celebrity among the yogis.

5. Carling Harps

Carling’s yoga classes are designed to allow students to access their bodies in a unique and empowering manner. She is also specialized in prenatal yoga. She has been featured in and contributed writing to publications such as Yoga International, Mantra Magazine, and Yoga Digest.

6. The Hidden Gem - Josh Kramer

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Josh has a unique style; a perfect blend of Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa flow. The result is an intense practice focused on body alignment, allowing his students to deepen their practice while building up strength and flexibility. 

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