Why Honeydew melon is the ultimate summer fruit

Why Honeydew melon is the ultimate summer fruit: top 3 benefits

Melon is one of the superfruits of the summer. There are different varieties of Melon but the HoneyDew is one of the most popular ones. And for good reason. 

In the summertime, choosing melon as fresh fruit is ideal for fighting thirst and providing a generous amount of vitamins and minerals.

We take this opportunity to make an important clarification: it is better not to eat melon as a dessert.  It has a high water content so it can be indigestible at the end of a meal when digestion has already begun to do its work. It's better alone or before meals.

But let's get to health benefits, which is what we care about now. We tell you three benefits in particular that makes Honeydew melon a must fruit this summer. 

1. Hydration

Health benefits of Honeydew: Dehydration

Its great virtue is the large amount of water it has. When you are dehydrated the amount of minerals is lower as in cases of diarrhoea, fever, or excessive sweating.

The consumption of melon is very effective as a rehydrating and remineralizing agent. Perfect after a night out: it will keep you hydrated if you drink alcohol. Consuming melon is also good for the skin, as it hydrates it by eliminating possible spots that appear due to lack of water or abundance of toxins.

2. Prevent urinary disorders

Health benefits of Honeydew: eliminates toxins

If you have eaten melon, your kidneys will be more efficient at eliminating waste and toxins resulting from your metabolism. This is due to the vitamin and mineral enrichment provided by this excellent fruit.  

Melon works as a mild laxative, so it eliminates toxins and helps neutralize the body's acidity. It's perfect for those who suffer from fluid retention.

In the case of kidney stones, due to its alkalizing power, melon may facilitate their dissolution and elimination. The same alkalizing power prevents the proliferation of germs in cases of urinary infection.

3. Cardiovascular disorders

Health benefits of Honeydew: healthy blood pressure and heart function

Melon helps to prevent blood clots thanks to its adenosine content. The potassium content promotes muscle contraction and is important for maintaining healthy blood pressure and heart function. Vitamin C and fibre are also beneficial for heart health. AND it neutralizes high cholesterol level. What's not to love?

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