Toxic plants. 4 indoor plants to avoid inside your home

Toxic plants. 4 indoor plants to avoid inside your home

Not all plants are harmless, good, and peaceful. Some can hurt you. And don't think of a giant carnivorous plant that's headed for your finger. Did you know that there are toxic plants that can be dangerous for children or a pet?

Learn these names well and take a good look at these plants. They are toxic and can be dangerous in certain circumstances. They are beautiful, but you should not be too confident if you have a pet.


DIEFFENBACHIA can be toxic

The effect of biting or eating it: a great irritation in the mucous membranes that can generate problems in speaking.

This plant has abundant calcium oxalate crystals in its tissues in the form of needles that also serve as protection against herbivores. Serious edema can occur, with a choking sensation and problems in swallowing. 

Dieffenbachia has toxic substances that were possibly used by Amazonian Indians as a poison.


OLEANDER is a beautiful plant but can be toxic

With its ambiguous common name of "edible plant", it is undoubtedly a very popular shrub.

This plant is so toxic that in some countries its use and marketing are restricted or prohibited. Its leaves, flowers, bark, and fruits can produce severe gastrointestinal, neurological, and cardiac problems, even lethal if ingested.

It is dangerous for domestic animals. There can also be poisoning from burning branches and inhaling the smoke.


PHILODENDRON is a toxic plant with hallucinogenic effects

It is unusually beautiful when in bloom and, on summer nights, it fills the air with a dense fragrance. But it has a dark side: it's very toxic.

It is a hallucinogenic plant, with unpredictable effects and highly toxic if ingested or consumed in any way.


EUPHORBIA can be toxic

Be careful not to touch the latex that sprouts with a cut and then, because it is very irritating. Euphorbia cotinifolia is also toxic.

If you are interested in indoor plants, check out our article on succulents!

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