7 Household items that replace gym equipment

7 Household Items That Replace Gym Equipment

Don't worry, your house is a gym and you have the tools. You just don't know it yet.

Regular exercise is a habit known to promote optimal health. Love it or hate it, but it’s one of the most valuable habits you can have in life. If you have stopped doing it due to a lack of time or money, we have the solution for you. Surely a good excuse for not starting your physical activity is that you don't have the equipment to train at home.

From now on, this will no longer be an excuse to stop training. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to exercise at home with what we have available. Believe it or not, you can make lots of things work for an exercise routine, it is not necessary to spend money on dumbbells, weights or equipment.

Let's recycle!

1. 1. Plastic bottles

Filled plastic bottles as substitute for dumbbells

Plastic bottles, filled with sand, water or even garden soil. These will be the perfect substitute for dumbbells, to work biceps, triceps, and shoulders, lifting them to the side of the body.

2. 2. Stairs

Stairs, a great opportunity for cardio

Do you have stairs at home? Lucky you! They can replace the steps that are used in gyms and will provide a great opportunity for cardio and leg workout. Alternate that with our recycled dumbbells and you will have a much more complete routine.

3. 3. Books

Books as a homemade kettlebell

We all have books at home! In addition to providing countless hours of entertainment, they can also serve as a homemade kettlebell for squats or glute bridges.  A firm hardback is also a good alternative for yoga blocks.

4. 4. Chairs

Dining room chairs are multifunctional tools

Dining room chairs or a couch are multifunctional tools, allowing for excellent stretches, tricep dips, squats, step-ups (or jumps if you’re brave, and careful enough).

5. 5. Broom

A broom can be used as a gym bar

A broom can be used as a gym bar. Use it to define your waist with twists and stretching your shoulders. You can also use a belt for that.

6. 6. Balls

A ball con be useful for stretching and flexing,

You’re likely to have one if you have kids. The best ball exercises are stretching and flexing, take the ball with both hands, stretch your arms above your head, and throw it hard on the floor, raising your heels to propel yourself. (If you live in a flat, mind your neighbors) Also great for Pilates workouts or just as an abs exercise. While doing the traditional ab, hold the ball with both extended hands.

Tennis balls can be used for a foot massage: while standing step on it and just roll you foot forwards and backwards or make circular movements.

7. 7. Your Body

Bodywheight exercises are great for shredding fat.

Bodyweight exercises are great for building strength and shredding fat. There are a number of fantastic (and FREE) routines online.

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