Top 3 oils to use as part of your skincare routine

Oils have long been sused in skincare and for good reason. 

Treatment oils can be very effective for most skin types. Their main benefit — moisturising — is something they all have in common. While finding the right oil for you may take some time (and trial and error), it's something worth investing in. Using oils in your skincare routine can give amazing results: softer and glowing skin, better appearance of pigmentation and acne scars. 

Today we list 3 most common skincare oils worth trying. 

1. 1. Rosehip oil


Rosehip oil contains a large amount of vitamin A and C, and stimulates collagen synthesis, so it can be useful to prevent skin aging and correct scars on the skin. Kate Middleton is a fan as so is Victoria Beckham. 

Rosehip oil is fabulous for treaing acne scars and pigmentation. Just apply a few drops at nigh mixed with your cream or just on its own. 

2. 2. Argan oil

Essential oil of Argan

Argan oil ontains high concentrations of vitamin E and tocopherols, so it helps to smooth the skin and hair, increase skin elasticity and prevent aging. 

Argan oil has been used to maintain shiny and healthy heair for centuries. use a few drops on the ends or a styling product to tame any flyaways. 

3. Sweet almond oil

Essential oil of almonds

Sweet almond oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals is especially recommended for dry skin and treating stretch marks.

It's relatively cheap and despite what you might expect, odorless. Sweet almond oil can be used to remove eye makeup or just as a conditioning body oil (use 2-3 times a week). You can add a few drops of favorite essential oil for an aromatherapy boost. 

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