Top 10 best food movies ever made

Top 10 best food movies ever made

Movies and food are two of life’s greatest pleasures. There are many films where food is the protagonist, or at least an important supporting actor.

We compiled a list of the best movies about food. Now is the perfect time to catch up with those you haven’t seen. Be warned, they will make you want to cook, change old habits and try new recipes.

We chose these films because in all these films, food is present to teach us a message, just as it does in life. Food unites and differentiates us and, above all, allows us to communicate

1. 1. Babette's Feast

A film of great aesthetic beauty that talks about people, faith and how food can make us happier around a table.

2. 2. Julie & Julia

Julia, a young woman from New York, wants to write a recipe book based on Julia Child's experience at Le Cordon Bleu. Two periods are mixed in a comedy in which Meryl Streep cooks and amazes everyone with her acting, as usual.

3. 3. Ratatouille

Not just for the kids. Visit the dreamy streets of Paris and a very special restaurant where the head chef is a super talented rat called Remy. Pay special attention to the scene where a stern food critic tries Remy’s ratatouille. We think it’s the best representation of how a particular dish can transport you to other places.

4. 4. Fast Food Nation

A documentary and an audiovisual manifesto about fast food and the global food industry. A must-watch.

5. 5. Super-Size Me

A documentary based on the author's experiment of eating exclusively fast food for a month. The physical changes are impressive.

6. 6. La Grande Bouffe

Four friends meet one weekend in a stately villa in France to perform a collective gastronomic suicide. They're going to eat non-stop. A baroque and excessive film that has become a cult.

7. 7. The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover

More than a film, a work of art for its scenery and music. A mixture of satirical comedy,drama and terror with a great catalogue of symbols.

The story takes place in a large, almost theatrical restaurant. It was written and directed by Peter Greenaway in 1989 and stars Michael Gambon, Helen Mirren, Richard Bohringer and Alan Howard.

8. 8. The Founder

The McDonald's story is told through the life of Ray Kroc, the man who turned a small town burger joint into one of the most famous fast food chains. Not to be missed is Michael Keaton's role as Kroc.

9. 9. The Hundred-Foot Journey

A beautiful story of two restaurants separated by a few meters. A film about two cultures and two ways of understanding life. The chef named Madame Mallory (Hellen Mirren) feels a challenge when an Indian family open their restaurant right in front of her in a small French village.

10. 10. Chocolat

A film dedicated to chocolate, its aromas, colors and the pleasure it generates. A love story between Vianne and Roux (Juliette Binoche and Johnny Deep) linked to a chocolate shop. Do get some chocolate BEFORE you see the film. You’ll need it

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