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Tips to Keep in Mind Before Dyeing Your Hair at Home

Follow our helpful tips to change your hair color safely in the comfort of your home.

We as women are always looking for a change. Whether born blonde, brunette or redhead, it is always important to feel good about ourselves. We are lucky to have as many options as we do nowadays, so let’s take advantage of that and try out new styles.

Many times going to the hairdresser does not turn out as expected and can become quite expensive and time-consuming. In this article we will talk about seven common mistakes we must take into account before we take on the role of our own hairdresser.

1. Preparation is key

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Dyeing Your Hair at Home: Read the instructions before dyeing your hair at home

We’ve all been there. We read the instructions halfway through and in a hurry. Then we wrap ourselves in an old towel and off we go. Well…don’t. Treat your coloring session as if you were going to a spa. After all, it’s a bit of self-time. Set up your space, get your tweezers, dye brush, a comb and a watch. May be light a candle. Then READ the instructions thoroughly. Once you start mixing the product, you won’t have time to stop and check the next step. Knowing what happens next will take off the extra stress and you’ll be able to actually enjoy your time.

2. Incorrect evaluation of initial hair color

Light brown or medium brown? Or dark blonde? Many women find it difficult to correctly determine their own hair color and rate it as either too dark or too light.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Dyeing Your Hair at Home: The initial color must be correctly determined

For the coloring result to be what we are looking for, the initial color must be correctly determined, so that a hazelnut can become a medium blonde and not some sort of weird rusty color that has nothing to do with the photo on the box.

To avoid this mistake, compare your hair with the strands shown on the box and if your color does not appear to be the same shade, don’t expect the same result. You can also ask your trusted hairdresser.

If you’re still unsure, you can try a temporary dye first. The color can be removed with 6 to 8 washes, so if you did not like the result, you won’t be stuck with it for long.

3. Coloring mistakes

Sometimes our expectations are too high and may be being blonde is not exactly what we dreamed of, because instead of having the hair of Goldilocks we end up looking like Pippi Longstocking.

So, if the goal is to have the hair color of Marilyn Monroe but your original color is jet black, you will need bleaching or decoloring first. Don’t do that at home. 

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Dyeing Your Hair at Home: Beaching before dyeing your hair

Extreme changes require an accurate analysis of the hair structure and a good knowledge of the chemical processes that take place during coloring. If you bleach your hair yourself, you run the risk of the product working too long (which will cause further damage to the hair) or too short (the result: orange!). Better safe than sorry

4. Amount of dye

Before you start the whole process, please make sure you have the right amount of dye. Imagine this, you apply a generous amount on the roots and suddenly you realize there’s not enough for the rest. The prospect of looking like Cruella de Vil is not great, unless it’s the look you’re going for in the first place.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Dyeing Your Hair at Home: The right amount of dye

If the length of your hair is below the shoulders, you will need at least two packs of dye. Mix the second pack immediately so you can use it without wasting much time.

5. Extra tip

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Dyeing Your Hair at Home: Hair food mask for coloured hair

Colored hair needs extra care, so show it some love with specialized shampoos and treat yourself with a hair mask every once in a while (you can even make them at home!).

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