These three simple practices will help you lose weight and eat better These three simple practices will help you lose weight and eat better

These three simple practices will help you lose weight and eat better

We are constantly looking for new diets and magical ways to maintain a healthy weight. And yet it's simple practices that are proving to be most effective. 

Simplicity is key. A diet may help you lose weight quickly, but once you get back to your old habits, you bounce back. It is sustainable practices that will help you become the healthiest version of yourself. Today we list three simple and effective changes in everyday eating habits that will help you stay fit and healthy for longer.

1. 1. Eat more slowly

Eat more slowly

Eating faster results in eating more. Our body needs about 20 minutes to send the "I'm full" signal to our brain and by that time it's often too late and you've eaten too much. That is why the "eat until 80% full" practice has worked for so many people. The slower you eat, the more you're giving your body to properly digest your food and signal that you've had enough. 

2. 2. Focus on food

Focus on your food

Turn off the TV, the cellphone, and the computer. Focus on the food in front of you. The flavors, textures, and colors... It's very easy to overeat if you're focusing on reruns of Friends instead of your food. Give yourself the gift of 30 minutes to enjoy a meal. Emails (and your favorite sitcom) can wait. 

3. 3. Use small plates and bowls

Use small plates and bowls

Choose to eat on smaller plates and use tall, narrow glasses. You’re likely to eat significantly less without even noticing. Our plates have become much larger in the past decade and portions grew considerably. Interestingly, research also shows that using blue plates makes you eat less. 

With these simple techniques, you can easily reduce portions and stop overeating. Remember to fill your plate with colorful vegetables and healthy foods for longer, healthier life. 

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