These are the makeup products that Mexican celebs love

Discover the lipsticks, liners, and other makeup products that Mexican celebs use in their day to day and, that they also carry onto the red carpet!

Discover the secrets behind celebrities' make-up, which are their favorites products and why! Learn and choose the one you like!

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1. 1. Lipstick, by Salma Hayek

We captured one of the Instagram photos of this famous Mexican, who showed the moment when she applied one of the lipsticks from the Baume à Lèvres Lip Balm collection, by Gucci.

Salma Hayek using the lipsticks from the Baume à Lèvres Lip Balm collection, by Gucci.

2. 2. Foundation, by Eiza González

A couple of months ago Eiza González revealed to Vogue her morning beauty routine and, within it, we observed that one of her infallible makeup products is the Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint foundation, from Neutrogena, due to the yellowish tones that flatter your skin.

3. 3. Mascara, by Camila Sodi

This Mexican celeb posted on her social media that it doesn't matter if she has a night out with friends or a photoshoot all day, with Mac's Up for Everything, her eyelashes always look amazing!

Camila Sodi using her new mascara by Mac.

4. Eyeliner, by Danna Paola

Emilio Becerril, the creator of Danna Paola's makeup in her latest video called Mala Fama, shared on his Instagram account the makeup products he used to beautify her on the day of the recording.

There is no doubt that our favorite was Heavy Metal Liner in Disco Daydream, by Urban Decay, since it is a glitter punch that illuminates the look.

Danna Paola using Heavy Metal Liner in Disco Daydream, by Urban Decay.

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