The top 3 of natural masks to darken gray hair The top 3 of natural masks to darken gray hair

The top 3 of natural masks to darken gray hair

These homemade natural masks will help darken those gray locks, simple and quick!  Read on to find out more.

Applying abrasive dyes at home every time gray hairs appear is not the best thing for your hair. You may think it is the only solution since many beauty salons are closed. However, there is another effective alternative, apply natural masks!

These natural remedies restore the hair, stimulate growth, and significantly improve hair health; while darkening gray hair. Here we reveal the most effective ones!

1. 1. Sage and rosemary mask

Sage and rosemary are very good ingredients for naturally darkening brown hair, as well as stimulating growth. In fact, rosemary is Ana Brenda's secret to long hair!

Sage and Rosemary mask for gray hair

If you want to see for yourself:

  • Boil ½ cup of sage in 2 cups of water and, when you get a concentrated infusion 

  • Add 5 tablespoons of aloe vera and a few drops of rosemary oil.

  • Once the liquid cools, apply to all hair

  • Leave it to act for 25 minutes, and remove with plenty of water, before using the conditioner.

2. 2. Walnut hair mask

Walnut is one of the best allies to recover the color and shine of dark brown or black hair, so it is perfect to hide gray hair.

Walnut hair mask for gray hair

To use it as a mask:

  • put a large handful of walnut leaves and ½ liter of water in a pot.

  • Wait for it to boil, lower the heat to medium heat, and let it rest for 30 minutes.

  • Once the time has elapsed, pour the substance into a spray bottle and apply it all over the wet hair.

  • Rinse after 20 minutes and repeat the procedure once every 15 days.

3. 3. Coffee and egg hair mask

Eggs can help hair regain vitality and strength while  darkening  gray hair:

Eggs can help hair regain vitality and strength.
  • In a container place a cup of water, 2 tablespoons of coffee, and egg yolk.

  • Beat until everything is incorporated and apply the mixture from roots to ends (concentrating the mask in the gray area) once a week, leaving it on for 25 minutes.

  • When you're done, don't forget to apply a moisturizing conditioner.

Cathy Mason

Cathy has spent most of her professional life discovering homemade beauty remedies, old and new. Using her extensive knowledge of natural ingredients, Cathy will provide expert advice on how to tackle everyday skincare problems with straightforward natural lotions and potions. + info

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