The best YouTube channels to follow for home workouts: no fees required

The best YouTube channels to follow for home workouts: no fees required

Exercise from home with the help of professionals

Love it or hate it, exercise is a non-negotiable staple to reach a balanced and healthy life

And whilst lots of us love going to the gym, you can’t argue that it’s not particularly convenient. Getting there, sharing equipment during rush hour, monthly fees, and not to mention cold winter mornings when you just can’t be bothered. Cue home workouts. It’s not easy to have a good routine and exercises may be confusing so if you need that extra push, we have the solution. 

There are plenty of great YouTube channels that provide a host of great workouts and training programs. Best part? They are free.

Here are our top 5 YouTube channels for home workouts:

1. FitnessBlender

Over 6 million subscribers choose to work out with this husband and wife duo. Their videos are quite minimalistic, with just a white backdrop and no music (you choose your own soundtrack, and we love the idea).

They have a huge amount of classes, so whether you feel like a long workout or just have 10 minutes, you will find something for you. You can also pick different intensities. Don’t miss their healthy recipes and no-nonsense information videos. Highly recommended.

YouTube Channel here: FitnessBlender

2. Yoga with Adriene

Whether a beginner or a seasoned yogi, you’ll find something on Adriene’s channel. There’s a reason she has over 7 million subscribers.

Known for her support and encouragement, she hosts excellent 30-day challenges as well as restorative classes.

For those looking to improve a certain asana, you’ll find detailed information and instructions here too. Classes start at only 10 minutes, so you'll have no excuse to skip the flow.

YouTube Channel here:  Yoga with Andrene

3. Shona Vertue

Want to train with David Beckham’s PT? If so, follow Shona Vertue.

Shona is all about getting the right form, providing excellent advice on how to perform stretches correctly and improve every time you work out.  Don’t miss her refreshing yoga videos.

We love her short mobility and activation videos as well as sport-specific sequences.

YouTube Channel here: Shona Vertue

4. Ange's Pilates

If you think Pilates is just a bit of stretching, think again.

Ange’s Pilates has dozens of great 20-30 minute workout that will definitely make you feel like you are toning those muscles. Pilates is especially great for working your core without doing boring crunches. Feel the burn with what seem to be simple exercises.

YouTube Channel here: Ange's Pitales

5. Joe Wicks

Uber popular in the UK, Joe Wicks has a vast range of HIIT workouts available on his channel. Videos are divided into playlists so you can easily find one for your level. Simple to follow and super-fun, you'll be skipping out of bed in the morning to hit the mat. 

YouTube Channel here: Joe Wicks


This channel has the peculiarity of having training videos with animations. No, the coaches are not real people, but it is intended to promote the improvement of physical fitness and the development of a positive mental state, through its multimedia content. The illustration of which muscles are working is super handy as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the YouTube channel of your choice and start training at home.

YouTube Channel here: P4P

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