The best 3 hairstyles to wear with face masks

Having a bad hair day? Don't worry! Read more to find out about the best 3 hairstyles to wear with face masks

Hair is the new protagonist with the use of face masks and, therefore, here we reveal the hairstyles that best look with it. Keep reading to discover which are those!

Whether you are going to work or shopping for groceries you'll see face masks everywhere, they have come here to stay. Not only have face masks displaced makeup this 2020 -goodbye lipsticks and foundation for a long time-, but they have also made us change our hairstyles. They are the new sunscreen of our health routine -the sunscreen protects us from dangerous UV rays, and the facemask prevents us from spreading COVID. What's more, it could be said that face masks have also made hair our best accessory since it is the part that looks the most from the shoulders up. 

These are 3 different hairdos you should definitely try when you go out!

1. 1.Hari Bun

It is very flattering to stylize the face (especially round and square ones).

If you prefer masks that tie behind your head instead of looping over your ears, try a double-bun: you can tie your mask right between the top and bottom bun.

If you do use ear loops, some women use a low, well-secured bun as a place to attach their face masks.

Hairstyles that look best with masks: Try whit buns. 

2. 2. Messy ponytail

One of the hairstyles that we have seen the most as a result of the pandemic that requires the use of the mask, is the ponytail.

If you want to do it, comb your hair according to the trends of the moment with a messy finish, with a lot of texture and volume. Tousle a little if necessary and loosen a couple of strands in front.

Hairstyles that look best with masks: Woman using Messy ponytail, the perfect choice to look original.

3. 3. Half-up ponytail

This is a retro hairstyle that has gained ground in hairstyles trends and promises to stick around for a long time. We love it because it refines the face even with the mask, it is feminine and takes us back to the '90s. A half ponytail, leaving just the ends lightly curled for a little more movement and polish, will help bring attention to your eyes.

How to do it? Wave your hair, brush, style a high half ponytail, and tousle to the sides.

Women using Half-up ponytail: this hairstyle looks good on short and extra-long hair.

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