The 5 steps (that you may not be not following) to your best hair ever The 5 steps (that you may not be not following) to your best hair ever

The 5 steps (that you may not be not following) to your best hair ever

Your most perfect hair is just a few steps away. Simple tips that will make a huge difference. Missing soft and shiny hair? Do this and never look back. 

Today, very few women have virgin hair, that is, a hair free of chemical treatments. This group includes homemade dyes, bleaching, highlights, permanent, smoothing with keratin, among others.

With each process, our hair suffers abuse and the texture gets worse. Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy gorgeous hair once again, with these tips. 

5 Remedies to regain virgin hair

1. 1. Stop washing your hair every day:

Experts never tire of saying that you should not wash your hair every day because it needs the natural oils produced by the scalp. These oils are distributed throughout the hair when combing, covering each lock from root to tip.

Many women do not know that these oils contain a percentage of keratin since this protein is one of the main components of hair. By washing your hair every day, you disturb the natural order and therefore your hair becomes brittle and dry. The shampoo absorbs all the impurities from the hair and removes the natural oil.

Stop washing your hair every day.

2. 2. Don't stop using the conditioner if you want virgin hair:

This is a common problem, especially with women who have naturally oily hair or who have had a straightening treatment.

The reason this step tends to be skipped is that the conditioner is believed to add more oil to the hair. Well, that might be a mistake, and your hair is suffering the consequences.

The shampoo and conditioner were designed to work together as a system, one needs the other to transform and protect your hair.

Don't stop using the conditioner.

3. 3. Protect it from the heat

Another very important step that you cannot skip if you want to enjoy virgin hair again. The constant use of styling tools burns the delicate hair strands and transforms their texture.

The hair becomes thin, rough, frizzy, and brittle. Using hot tools once or twice a week is recommended, and you should always apply a heat protectant generously before use.

Use heat protection

4. 4. Apply a hydrating mask once a week:

Very few women believe in the benefit of a hydrating hair mask and prefer to do a nourishing treatment in the salon.

There are concentrated masks available on the market that have the same power as the professional ones and have the ability to transform your texture. Choose one with nourishing ingredients like honey, oatmeal, and natural oils so that these ingredients penetrate the cuticle.

Apply a hydrating mask once a week.

5. 5. Sleep on a soft fabric pillow:

No, this is not a whim or a myth. It is scientifically proven that covers made of soft fabrics such as silk and satin do not create friction on the hair.

Your hair will not wake up with static or frizz, because these fabrics repel moisture. Cotton, even 400 thread count, absorbs moisture and makes you sweat.

Sleep on a soft fabric pillow.

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