6 tips to find your ideal perfume

Still haven’t found your signature scent? 6 tips to find your ideal perfume

Choosing a signature scent is not an easy task –so many scents to choose from! Here you’ll find 6 tips to help you find the scent that suits you the best.

Choosing from the endless list of scents available in the market is not an easy task. It took me several years to find my signature scent, only to find out that it has recently been discontinued, so I embarked on a quest for my next favorite perfume and found a way to organize my search. Take these 6 tips into account before going to the perfume counter!

1. Test scents the right way

Test scents the right way

First, sniff at the nozzle of the bottle, if you like it, spray onto a blotter, if you still like it, only then apply it to your skin.

2. Be prepared to test several fragrances

Be prepared to test several fragrances.

Visit the perfume shop several times, try not to apply more than 3 fragrances at a time. You can spray on your wrists and maybe in your inner elbow. Then you’ll be able to test its longevity and sillage.

3. Cleanse your olfactory palette

Cleanse your olfactory palate.

Experts often use coffee beans to cleanse their olfactory palette, but it may result quite inconvenient for us regular customers to carry a coffee bag around the store. Instead, try pressing your nose firmly to the fabric of your sleeve and inhale between fragrances.

4. Ask for samples

Ask for perfume samples.

Although samples are not always available, it’s worth asking. This will enable you to wear it for several days and see if you like it.

5. Find your category of fragrance

Find your category of fragrance.

If like me, you have already had a favorite perfume, find out which category it belongs to and start your quest there. Categories include florals, fresh (citrus, water, green notes), oriental (warm, sweet and even a little spicy), and woody.

6. Consider your lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle to narrow down the list.

Consider your lifestyle to narrow down the list.

  • Citrus are famous for being energizing, this makes citrus perfect for sporty people.
  • Chypres goes well with busy people
  • Notes of oakmoss, patchouli and bergamot afford a certain stringency.

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