Daily tricks to practice to have shiny, frizz-free and gorgeous hair

Daily tricks to practice to have shiny, frizz-free and gorgeous hair

If you want to have healthy hair, you can follow these simple tips and start your own care routine.


Rubbing the scalp with the shampoo until it foams to get better results is a mistaken and counterproductive belief. By rubbing, the oil glands are activated and the opposite effect to that desired is produced.

Foam is not a sign of quality

Water temperature

Ideally, the water should be warm. Cold water does not help dissolve fat and very hot water damages the hair.

However, it is advisable to finish the washing with cold water because it stimulates blood circulation and closes the cuticle.

Oil treatments

The root is the healthiest part of the hair, which becomes more dehydrated the further it is from the scalp. The oil restores the content of each hair fiber making each one translucent again, producing that wonderful shine that healthy hair looks like.

Ideally, apply twice a week, strand by strand, and leave on for 20 minutes to several hours.

Oil restores the content of each hair fiber

Health and products

The health of your hair depends a lot on the quality and type of products you use. It is essential to know the condition of your scalp and hair to make the right choice of shampoo.

If your scalp is pink, it's healthy. You can use a normal shampoo depending on the result you want to choose: more volume, straight, etc.

If your scalp has a dull or greyish colour, you may have a problem with blood flow and dry hair. You will need to choose a specific shampoo.

If it is a yellowish colour, this is an indication of a tendency to be greasy. You will need to choose a specific shampoo.


The way you untangle your hair when you get up is also important for its health. You should start at the ends and work your way up to the roots. Use specific brushes designed to untangle wet hair. Good conditioning products and argan oil will also help to keep it smooth and frizz-free. 

Untangle your hair starting at the ends

Marine proteins

Nutritional supplements based on marine extracts guarantee hair growth and reduce hair loss. Many women who incorporated them into their diet, observed an improvement in hair volume and a decrease in hair loss.


"Miracle" diets and sudden weight changes directly affect the appearance and health of your hair. That's why, in addition to eating a balanced diet, it's important to remember that the proteins you eat are directly involved in keratin production. A balanced diet of whole foods and plenty of vegetables is the best thing your can do for your hair!

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