Quick stir-fry tofu with kale and sesame

Quick stir-fry tofu with kale and sesame

By  KOKO News

A combination that you will not want to miss

It’s not necessary to be vegan to understand that we must radically reduce the consumption of meat in our diet, for both health and environmental reasons. Tofu can be our best ally to replace meat, due to the simplicity of its preparation and the fact that it can be combined with practically any ingredient.

Sautéed tofu and kale is definitely an excellent choice. It’s super quick to make, full of goodness and will help avoid heating the kitchen in the summer.

In addition, kale has been shown to contain a large amount of nutrients and a more powerful flavor and texture. Although it is ideal for stir-fries, we can also use it raw. If you go for the latter, we recommend to thoroughly massage the washed leaves with a little dressing to soften them.

Ingredients  (for 1 person)

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