Kombucha, kimchi, and kefir: why these probiotics are the best allies of health

Kombucha, kimchi, and kefir: why these probiotics are the best allies of health

We have all heard of kombucha or kefir and might think these are just new trends. Yet probiotics have been consumed for centuries. Their health benefits are undeniable. We talk about how they work and their health benefits. 

Probiotics are bacteria with a bulletproof vest. They are able to survive their dangerous journey through the digestive system and settle comfortably in the intestine to benefit our health. Probiotics are microorganisms that we find in some foods, either because they genuinely grow there or because they are added artificially.

Probiotics are authentic living foods that are adapted to our bodies. These wonderful soldiers remain active in the body, design their strategies, and have an agenda: to prevent bacteria that are harmful to our health.

All probiotics provide multiple benefits. We highlight some that are important for your health.

1. Improved digestion

Improved digestion

Probiotic consumption helps to increase the absorption of nutrients such as vitamin B, calcium, and iron at the intestinal level; improves the process of food digestion; fights acidity; can alleviate and prevent digestive issues. They help after a particularly heavy meal and may improve the symptoms of bloating.

2. Weight loss

Weight loss

Low in calories and high in fiber, they are fantastic additions to your diet. Replace you daily can of soda with kombucha or kefir, add a spoon of sauerkraut to your dinner and you’ll soon notice the results.

3. Maintaining the immune system

Maintaining the immune system

Probiotics keep the intestinal flora healthy and balanced, helping to prevent toxic substances from entering the body and causing an immune response. Probiotics have long been tied to improved immune response. They also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut. 

4. Decrease stress and anxiety

Reduce stress and anxiety

Eating or drinking fermented foods rich in probiotics in the diet helps maintain a healthy gut flora, helping to reduce stress and maintain brain health.

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