Posture: 3 Ways to prevent your phone from ruining your neck

If you feel neck pain, it may not be the result of exercise or bad movement. Look at your cell phone and you'll find the culprit.

We spend a lot of time talking on the phone, watching social networks, listening to the news or simply watching a movie. And most of the time, our head tilts down.

Being in that position for a long time can cause headache and neck pain, which can even extend to the upper back.

How can you avoid getting neck pain from talking on the phone?

1. Hold your phone at eye level

Hold your phone at eye level

If possible, avoid using your phone while walking. That's exactly what makes you duck your head down. Even if you find it an absurd position, it's better to talk almost as if you were taking a selfie. Raise your arm and prevent neck pain! It will also prevent wrinkles on your neck. 

2. You can use cell phones less

Use your phone less

There's too much connection. It is not always necessary to be connected at all times and in all circumstances. Set up limits for smartphone use.

For example, forget about office messages, work emails and mute Whatsapp groups in the evenings. Also, avoid watching videos on your phone. Use the television or a laptop instead. 

3. Neck stretching exercises

3 ways to keep the phone from snapping your neck

Move your head in circles for both sides, stretch back and forth, to one side and the other. Find the time to massage your neck gently with circular movements. Even 2 minutes a day will make a difference. It is a good idea to do them while you apply moisturizer or facial oil. 

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